Frequently Asked Questions

CCC2017 | 7 months out

Whenever I tell people I’m biking across Canada, I almost always get the same questions. 

Still indecisive about the whole thing, I'm reminding myself that the logistics of it all is up in the universe.  


Are you crazy?


Most likely.

Apparently biking between 8,000-9,000km, eating sandwiches everyday and sleeping in a tent alone for 4 months is not seen as a rational decision. Yet for some reason whenever I tell someone about my upcoming adventure they talk to me awhile, ask lots of questions, and usually finish by saying they are jealous.


Are you going with anyone?


Nope. Well, at least nobody I personally know. However I plan on meeting other crazies on the road.  In doing my research, I've discovered that there is a beautiful network of people out there like myself embarking on long journeys like this.



Are you training?


Kinda? I mean I’m in shape but this journey isn’t a race. I generally keep an active lifestyle by going to the gym 3-4 times a week, run almost everyday and bike everywhere I go. I am spending a full winter season in Whistler where I plan to ski, hike, do spin classes and do some trail running. I train for life?


How are you carrying your gear?

Saddle bags. Everything will be on my bike. Details will be posted closer to my departure. 


How can you afford this?


I don’t have any ties. I don’t have a car, house, boyfriend and I hardly ever drink. In other words, I am crazy cat lady. But actually, I choose to spend my money on gear and adventures, and you don’t need tons of money to do it. To break it down for those who a curious, I am spending about 2,500$ on brand new gear (that hopefully will last awhile) and for the overall trip I budgeted 3000$-3,500$. 


What do you plan on doing after?


I am just proud of myself that I've gotten this far of my life figured out. I haven't thought to much after I get to Newfoundland, anyone have a couch for me?


Have any other question? Don’t hesitate to ask!