The Packing Process

Do I bring another pair of socks? Clearly a huge debate. 

My favourite part of a new adventure is new gear. Who doesn't love new gear to use? … a bonus is when you don’t know how to use it. Overall my shopping spree at MEC was such a success! The sales associates were bike tourers, it made my life easier with my questions. Two of them have gone across the country before- they casually mentioned it like it wasn't a big deal. 

The top questions I had were:

What shoes do you wear bike touring? (My grandmother who is a shoe person would be proud, since its always about what shoes you wear) 

 The lovely answer was sandals (burkinsocks) with socks. I laughed thinking they were joking. Point was, wear whatever you’re comfortable with. 

Splendid! I decided to start my adventure in my Salomon speed cross 3 trail runner. These shoes I can run, hike and they look fabulous- obviously the most important part. Debatable if I end my trip with them (keep you posted).


How do you lock your bike and saddle bags?

A simple lock is perfect for the bike. I bought a lock and got explained to leave my saddles bags on my bike knowing that people will have no interest since they smell. Basically the advise is not shower or do laundry. 


Why do I need 4 saddle bags? (2 in the front and 2 in the back)

I apparently don't need four bags -thank goodness. I only need two! People - this cuts my weight by so much, the many years in scouting and minimalist travel has payed off! Let’s just hope I don't regret only bringing 3 pairs of underwear and 2 T-shirts.

Last October, I took my bike apart to ship it to Victoria. That was interesting enough.… 

Shout out too Michelle & Pat for keeping my bike safe in their garage in Victoria. Thank you so much!

Putting the bike back together-  it can not be that different from taking it apart, right?  Haha. 

No words can explain it but it was basically like ikea furniture. 

HERE IT IS. Just dipping my back tire in the PACIFIC OCEAN, next up Atlantic Ocean.

Leaving MAY 21st 8:30AM Victoria, BC