Week ONE - Homeless & Unemployed


This week has definitely been a roller coaster of a ride. Leaving mile 0 with a great send off from the Tousignants and my friend Jess that I met in New Zealand. 


Day One - was a pretty amazing ride since I got to ride on actual bike paths avoiding the highways. In White Rock I got to spend the night with the lovely Tichelman family, unfortunately my friend Elizabeth wasn't home since she’s being amazing and volunteering in Africa for a couple months - I guess its the price I pay to have awesome friends. 

Day Two - I had just a short but extremely hot ride to Abbotsford where I got to stay with my friend Allie who moved out west a couple years ago and it was fantastic catching up with her! 

Day Three - I was definitely starting to fell my legs and basically my entire body. The sun was incredibly strong and it was the longest ride I’ve done 118KM to Hope but I managed to do it under five hours of riding! I got extremely lucky and I got to stay with the parents of friends of the Tichelman who live in Hope (pretty awesome connection). Not only lucky to have a warm shower and bed at the end of the day but there was a horrible storm that night that my tent would not of survived. I met other bike tourers on the road (yes there are actually a lot of us) who had to get a motel. Did I mention I woke up with a crepe, bacon and sausage for breakfast?! Pretty blessed if you ask me.

Day Four - was a climb, a full 80KM uphill leg burning climb. It was a very cold day with a little rainbut perfect for 7 hours of pure elevation. I got the campsite in Manning Park and fell asleep around 5 o’clock. Honestly- I got a great introduction to the mountains, what are legs for anyways? I met this french couple biking to Montreal and said we would meet at the campsite to hangout, unfortunately I don't think they made it. 

Day Five, just a cruisy day over a couple more mountains this time I just couldn't fell anything- it was much easier not feeling my legs. I also made it to Princeton before it started raining! Spent my afternoon in a small cafe contemplating camping or staying in a bed, after a short debate I decided to stay in this nice log cabin for the night were I could shower, do laundry and rest. I told myself I deserved it, I also told myself I deserved a lot of peanut butter.

Day Six, woke up refreshed! Packed up all my stuff up slowly (I surprise myself on how much a mess I can make in one night), and hit the road around 9:00 am. I wasn’t sure I was going to bike too. I’m just strolling along highway 3, I saw this sign saying “wine route”- well don’t mind if I do. Apparently I am in wine country! Got this lovely campsite in Keremeos at an old flour mill for the night.  

Day Seven, heat wave! Just had a short but gorgeous ride into Osoyoos. I decided because of the heat wave I'll be staying to explore the town for a rest day.


Biked 586 KM this week

Ruffly 30 hours of biking

I peddle faster when someone gives me a thumbs up or a car honk.

My bike short tan is coming along great

Lessons of the week

Peanut butter or chocolate covered granola bars melt in the heat

Talk to everyone who cross’ your path, I’ve learned that every conversation had its purpose. I either needed that motivation or advise at the time. I’ve traveled a fair bit but the people I encountered this week have surpassed my expectations on Canadian friendliness. 

My highlights\stories of the week


On the ferry to Vancouver I met this very experienced bike tourer who just says casually “I just came from Calgary last week”, I told him this was my first touring trip… Anyways riding off the ferry he looks back, winks and says “ when it gets tuff out there, that’s when the adventure starts!” Then he just laughs riding very fast away.” Ok bye, thanks” in my little scared voice. 

On highway 7 I had to pee, casually leaned my bike against a tree while I went to pee. Three motorbikes pull over to make sure I was ok while I was peeing. I just laughed with them, but I did really appreciate that my fellow Canadiens checking on me!

There’s a train track that follows highway 7. I was just biking along like I do, and then the train sneaks up on me and I hear the “chou chou” that startled me. I look right beside me the conductor is waving hi but extremely exaggerated… It was like a scene out of a movie. Thanks VIA RAILS for the support, it made me smile.

Riding up the 4400 elevation mountain, this man in a truck slows down to my 5km/h speed and asks if I am ok. I reply out of breath “just going uphill, but yes thank you”. He says “you’re almost there, I know its hard since I run up it”. Can you imagine? Maybe next summer Ill run across the country!!



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