Week THREE - "The old days" is my NOW

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Day 15 / Creston - Cranbrook, 107 KM

My morning routine -  it’s a skill to pack up everything in 22 minutes (tent, sleeping bag, ground mat, etc) on a slow morning 30 minutes, especially with no coffee in my system! My ride was going fantastic until the moment we were all waiting for; my first flat tire! Obviously keeping my calm, I started to take out my nifty tool kit which I know how to use maybe half the tools. While I was just laughing and figuring things out, it was a Sunday afternoon and what better way to spend it by helping this young woman (me) change a flat tire. Can you believe that three cars stopped to help out!? I call this a success story since apparently I was entertaining to watch and I got absolutely covered in oil. Thank you to the lovely people who stopped to hangout with me!

Day 16 / Cranbrook - Fernie, 102 KM

I got the royal treatment with this amazing lady who took me in for the night, she feed me (it’s quite a challenge now), had my laundry done and I took a bath! I may point out that the bike oil is still everywhere. Started my day fresh! Had the nicest bike ride to Fernie, I was so excited to get to Fernie! It’s been on my list to go forever. 

Day 17 / Fernie

Successfully slept in! I freaked out waking up since it was already 10 o’clock, but then I forgot about the time change I went through. Right - These things happen when I cross the country! I explored town and had a lot of coffee. The perfect relaxing day. I even brought Caribou to the spa (bike shop) and the bike got a total work up. Maybe next time I should do that and get a massage… 

Day 18/ Fernie - Coleman, 70 KM

Small victory, I made it across a province! As you could imagine seeing the Alberta sign was an amazing feeling to have. British Colombia had it’s challenges but I am incredibly proud of myself of accomplishing it in two and a half weeks! The feeling of seeing the Alberta sign was one to remember. 


Day 19 / Coleman

Stayed put in this small town since theres was tornado watch, with possibly of thunderstorms and hail. I am pretty happy I did stay put, it was a brutal storm.


Day 20 / Coleman - Lethbridge, 157 KM

First full day of ridding in the prairies. Pretty good one to say the least, I really enjoyed the tail wind I got. I was averaging 40-50 km/h, I did the entire ride under 5 hours. Flying! 


Day 21 / Lethbridge - Medicine Hat, 180 KM

You could say that the distance of this day was a lot. The landscape was unreal and the ride was quite peaceful. So far, it was mentally the most challenging. I get lost in my thoughts, I think about anything and everything. It’s pretty eye opening where my mind wonders. 



KM this week : 616

KM in total : 1, 637

Total cafe’s for coffee : 24

Total Flat Tires : 1

The prairies are windy

Just a fun little fact - my bum is still in much pain




I got incredibly inspired this week. I got to meet and stay with some pretty amazing people; a pro mountain biker, the most amazing mom’s, ironman athletes, etc.

I asked the ironman athlete how? How did she managed to do all this training and have such determination? She said “It’s one of the proudest moments I have, since I still can’t believe I did it”. 

Looking back at crossing the Alberta sign this week - I still can’t believe I’ve biked this far. My body as endured so much more then I have ever thought it could; mentally & physically. I am proud. I am courageous. I did push my limits. 

I wake up everyday, sometimes with the struggle of being sore but mostly with a smile on my face ready for the day. My new happy place is on my bike, not knowing what the day will bring but knowing that it’s one step closer to the proudest moment I’ll ever have; the one I won’t believe is even possible. 


My “good old days” is my NOW.