Week FOUR - My one month anniversary with Caribou

A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t get very far until you change it.

enjoy the collage of my flats this week


Day 22/ Medicine Hat - Maple Creek, 110 KM

When I compare biking through the rockies and biking through the prairies; once you climbed up the summits in the rockies you have a break when you roll downhill - when in the prairies you bike and bike, you don’t really have any breaks. I was definitely sore from so much pedalling…  Maple Creek was a quaint little town. It was Sunday and every single store was closed (yes, all five). 

Day 23/ Maple Creek - Swift Current, 145 KM

This day. This day was the hardest day I could ever possibly experience. I had the worst head winds, between 40-50km/h of non stop wind coming directly at me. I bike and I didn't stop for 10 hours. Biking on my lowest gear, even going downhill I had to pedal to move - I yelled and cried.  I got severly dehydrated and felt incredibly sick. Reflecting now on why I just didn't give up or ask for help - it really didn't cross my mind. Not sure why yet but I was determined to continue. Sharing this day because I want you guys to know that not all days on this trip have been sunshine and rainbows. Now, when I have a bad day or something goes wrong I compare it to this day and nothing has even come close. I gives me a perspective. Learning all these incredible lessons!

   "Never let a stumble be the end of your journey"


Day 24/ Swift Current

Didn't move much since I had fever and was still dehydrated from the day before. I mean I walked to the grocery store… 


Day 25/ Swift Current - Chanplin, 82 KM

There was a campsite in this town - the town had two streets and gravel roads. 


Day 26/ Chanplin - Moose Jaw, 90 KM

What a beautiful day! The prairies saying “The land of Living Skies” doesn't do its justice. It was pretty surreal looking into the sky. Moose Jaw was pretty sweet! I had the best coffee and explored the street. I also got to stay with this lovely lady, Keri who also had other bike tourers staying with her. These two guys are also biking across Canada but what’s pretty impressive is that they are musicians carrying all they’re gear to play in towns.

It was pretty awesome talking to them on how amazing this experience is, talking about the struggles but overall how fulfilling it is at the end of the day. Meeting these guys and talking about my trip when they can relate was an angel sent from above after the week I’ve had. 


Day 27/ Moose Jaw- Regina, 90 KM

Just a cruise day on my to Regina - to the big city! I got pretty lucky and got to meet up with one of my friends parents from Ottawa who are currently RV’ing across the country. They spoiled me to a steak dinner which was heavenly! That evening I got connected to stay with this lovely couple who took me out and see this local band. 



Day 28/ Regina  

Pouring rain. I made the wise choice to stay put and slowly learning to pick my battles. I walk around downtown Regina, did some laundry and grocery shopped knowing I wouldn't be staying in any big towns till I got to Brandon, Manitoba. 




KM this week : 517 KM

KM in total : 2,103 KM

Total Flat Tires : 7

Peanut butter jars: 2


Lesson of the Week

Patience. I didn’t bike as much as I wanted too this week, and I am not happy about this. Obviously there are reasons of my lack of distance and I know I am hard on myself. I did meet some pretty incredible people that I crossed paths, which obviously helped a lot. 

I learned to pick my battles. Listen to more to my body and the signs that warning me to accept the help of others. 

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