Week FIVE - Half way

2,800 KM. 35 DAYS. 96 GRANOLA BARS.
                                                                                      Storm on the right side / blue skies on the left

                                                                                     Storm on the right side / blue skies on the left

Day 29 / Regina- Indian Head, 92 KM

If you're intrigued by my bike issues heres a summary; three flats, changed tubes, put on patches, had a semi flat tire with the patches and then I had to walk to the nearest town (10 km) where I somewhat got my tires properly re-patched. 

Got pretty darn lucky that someone in Indian Head had the knowledge and supplies to help me try to get to the next town. Between Indian Head and Brandon there's no bike shop….


Day 30/ Indian Head - Kirkella, 190 KM

I really wanted to make it to Manitoba so I biked a lot! Another province down and dusted. 


Day 31/ Kirkella - Brandon, 110 KM

The patches on my tubes could only hold for so long. I had an angel named Peter that came to pick me up about 25 KM out of Brandon and took me right to the bike shop to get my bike fixed.  I wasn’t in any distress or upset, the weather was nice and there was still tons of day light left but it wasn’t necessarily a fun situation. Felt incredible blessed for someone to take care of me.

Here’s an article that came out in the Brandon Sun about my hero:

Day 32/ Brandon - Portage La Prairie, 135 KM

I hungout in the morning in Brandon to avoid a knurly thunderstorm and to check out the indigenous festivities at the local school. I then hit to road.

Head winds, you will not be missed! The 40 first KM where a bit of a struggle fighting the wind but shortly after the wind shifted to my shoulder which isn't the worst. That evening I ran into another bike tourer and camped with him.


Day 33/ Portage La Prairie - Winnipeg, 90 KM

Tail wind, flying to the half way point - I completed 90 km in 2 hours! That night I got to stay with Cory a good friend of mine from Whistler. Cory picked me up downtown and we got to catch up a little bit. It was so nice to see a familiar face - the only one on my trip so far. It’s making me pretty excited to reach my friends and family in Ottawa.


Day 34/ Winnipeg - Falcon Lake, 165 KM

Tons of construction on the road I was taking. I avoided it by leaving at 6am in the morning but I can also blame Cory for starting work too early. It was a long day of riding and since I was heading to cottage country on a Friday, I managed to avoid all the heavy/insane driving to the cottage Friday afternoon. 



Total KM this week: 782 KM

Total KM : 2,926 km

Saw in action my first road kill



Lesson of the Week

The help I got offered this week was pretty incredible. I had some difficulty accepting all this generosity. I tried looking at it in their point of view - the people always said it made them incredibly happy to be able to help out. 

I am grateful for these incredible people that keep crossing my path, they are truly making my journey. 

Paying it forward.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone