Week two - Canadian Weather, Eh?


This week I survived a heat wave, hail, rain, fog & the cold. Who would of thought I would of encountered all this in one week! Talking to some locals I have apparently gotten lucky with the weather, I guess I hope this continues?


Day Height - Osoyoos, Rest day! I somewhat got to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing day in a cool cafe downtown. I decided to take this day off since; one it was 34 degrees outside and two, I had an aggressive sunburn from the day before… I accidentally was riding during the peak of sun in the afternoon. Crisis averted, I used up an entire bottle of Aloe! It was clearly successful since I am not pealing. Winning! 

Day Nine - Osoyoos - Greenwood , 90 KM. Anarchist Summit (1,356m elevation). What an amazing climb, not being sarcastic in anyway. I woke up early to beat the sun/heat. I rode up while watching the sunrise, which was an amazing experience. It was a long day riding towards the end since the heat got the best of me but don’t worry I got lemon gelato. That night I had my first warmshowers experience which has been revolutionary. Mark & Ciel a couple that took me in for the night had amazing touring bike stories to share, carb loading meals and bike route advise. 


Day Ten -  Greenwood - Grand Forks, 50 KM. Spiced things up by riding to Grand Forks with Ciel on a Fat bike. I got to try out part of the great trail route, its basically a mountain bike trail. Experience riders or keen cyclist could survive, hopefully with time and support the trail will get better since it has such potential! My bike got dropped off for me in Grand Forks where I got to stay on 9th street - the place to be. Second warm shower stay, I got to meet tons of neighbours/ locals. Dancing, signing and wisdom was shared - an evening to remember!  Ted and Constantinos where amazing hosts and I hope our paths will cross again. 


Day Eleven - Grand Forks - Castlegar , 110 KM. Thunderstorm, torrential rain, hail, lightening and the cold. Paulson summit (1,535m elevation) was a battle but the proudest moment I have so far is making it to the top. I crushed it with completing this ride in 5h40 minutes, my legs are getting stronger! I stayed right outside of Castlegar with a legendary biker Richard who brought me to smiles the moment I walked in. I felt at home and couldn’t stop chatting away with him! Richard - it was an honour to have met you during my adventure, you are inspiring!


Day Twelve - Castlegar - Nelson, 50 KM. Breezy ride to Nelson while I got lucky and avoided the rain. I rode half the way with Richard which was nice to ride with someone. Stayed with a lovely family that are actually getting ready for their own adventure leaving for France to do a two week bike touring trip. Wishing them the best trip!


Day Thirteen - Nelson - Grey Creek, 57 KM. Spent most of my morning hanging out in a cafe writing away and explored around Baker street wondering in the shops. I did learn that shopping with a bike is extremely difficult. I also got lucky and caught up with an old friend of mine, Seb who just moved to Nelson. I started riding in the early afternoon, I caught the ferry over the lake heading towards Creston, knowing I wouldn't make it all the way I decided to take it easy and enjoy the ride along the lake. One of the most beautiful rides so far, stopping for this amazing dinner at a cafe called Black Salt.


Day Fourteen -  Grey Creek - Creston, 72 KM. Had the most amazing sleep in my hammock under the stars with no bugs or dew- is that even possibly? Woke up, packed my hammock (which takes significantly less time then a tent) and started riding along Kootenay lake. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Arrived in Creston and called it for the day, I accidentally sat down at a cafe and got way too comfortable.



~435 KM this week

My appetite has now doubled, possibly tripled especially my peanut butter intake. 

Spent my first night in a hammock under the stars 

I got stopped twice this week since people asked to observe my calves and thighs. Fantastic, my arms now look like jello compared to my legs-




This week I tried to slow down my pace. Realizing now that I am plowing through British Colombia, since I am new to bike touring I learn something everyday. One would be that my body is stronger then I expected - 120 ski days apparently paid off! 


My Highlights/stories of the week


Lovely people seem to stop and want to talk on the side of the road. I was given two protein bars, donations and some asparagus this week! I love getting waved down for a conversation which ends up being a beautiful break from ridding. 

Ted a bike tourer asks “Where are your front bags on your bike? That’s where the wine goes!” Lesson learned, need to get some front bags. 


I seem to receive countless personal emails/ messages from my family & friends with kind and encouraging words. I read them and my heart melts, they motivate me everyday. I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing support group with this incredibly journey I embarked, thank you!