Week SIX - Northern Ontario

       3,518 KM. 6 Peanut Butter Jars. 958$ Raised.

Day 36 /  Falcon Lake - Kenora, 73 KM

Just your typical morning at the cottage spent on the dock. It was so nice to meet Emma and hear her stories about her experience in Fiji. It has inspired me to go back soon, real soon....

After packing my stuff, I hit the road again. I had a lovely surprise and got this insane hail, which hurts a tremendous amount. Once I got to Kenora the storm passed and I got to sit by the lake. I walked around town a little bit but everything was closed since its a Sunday.

Day 37 / Kenora - Thunder Bay, 0 km

I decided with all the research I did that I was going to bus this section. The road was proven to be the most dangerous road in North America. For one it has no shoulders and two the amount of traffic going through of trucks, logging trucks and camping RV’s that roll very fast around the corners. Several deaths in the last couple years… 

Quotes from past cyclist who’ve done it : 

“ you’ll need to know when to hit the ditch, I had to do it twice”

“ I’ll never cycle that again, that was dumb”


In Thunder Bay I got to stay with my grandmothers friends. They were lovely - I got to be incredibly spoiled by them. As always I ate way too much, I had fresh laundry and the most comfortable bed. Can life get any better? I also left smelling half decent.


Day 38 / Thunder Bay - Nipigon, 135 KM

Decent day of ridding, the weather was fantastic. I got to work on my tan line which is now quite attractive. I stopped and hangout at this beautiful cafe in Nipigon; named Lulucafe -- I very much recommend if anyone is passing through! 

Day 39 / Nipigon - Rainbow Falls provincial park, 65 KM

Didn’t process/think about how hilly it was going to be in Northern Ontario. This day I did some pretty big climbing and called it a day when I hit this beautiful campsite. I’ve always wanted to camp beside a great lake.... it’s also pretty cool that I’ve been biking 3 days beside the same lake! 

Day 40 / Rainbow Falls - Ney provincial park, 92 KM

Second day of rain... Everything soaked. I really wanted to make it to the next town but with the heavy rain, poor visibility and being tired I made a wise choice and called it a day. It was a long night but at least it wasn't cold - I mostly was just dwelling getting up the next morning and putting back everything that’s soaked.


Day 41 / Ney Provincial Park - Marathon, 30 KM

I biked as fast as I could to Marathon in the pouring rain. After begging a motel to take me in and paying way too much since it’s the long weekend - I got a shower and a dry bed! I also managed to dry most things. It’s the little things.

Day 42 / Marathon - White River, 95 KM

Took advantage of the motel and slept in. It also took me 3 hours to get ready and pack everything back up… I also saw the sun. White River is where Winnie the Pooh was inspired to become; well Winnie. I camped at the Winnie the Pooh park where I meet another cross country bike tourer. He is from Japan and doesn't speak much english. That evening we watched some fire works for Canada Day!!

Day 43 / White River - Wawa, 102 KM

It rained all night but I stayed dry. Kegio (my Japanese friend) and I biked together to Wawa. It was great biking with someone else for a change! We had lovely weather until we hit 20 km out of Wawa it got foggy which is dangerous for us to ride since the cars can’t see us.

Information for other bikers; tons of construction 20 km out of Wawa, not fun for us to ride (dirt road).

 Hopefully this Ontario weather will clear up soon! 



Total KM’s this week: 592

Total KM: 3, 518

Consecutive days without a shower : 4

Bug bites : too many

Minutes on the phone with my mom : 78 mins this week

Minutes on the phone with my boyfriend : a lot more then my mom 

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