WEEK HEIGHT - My Cats Missed Me


Day 51 / North Bay - Deux Riviere, 108 km

Woke up feeling fantastic - after being so tired the night before I didn’t think twice about getting a motel… Considering the fact that my new normal is being constantly tired. After packing everything up I left heading to a beautiful cafe downtown North Bay. Afterwards, I got pretty lucky to be able to drop my bike off at the bike shop and walk around town. I ended up walking around downtown and didn't leave North Bay till around 1 ish. 

I biked to this well known campground (forgot the name). I shared my campsite with this guy who is also biking across Canada (more like racing) - he is averaging double what I am doing (180 -200 KM daily), which is very impressive! 



Day 52 /Deux- Riviere - Pembroke, 120 KM

Another beautiful day! My pacience was getting lower close to home, thank goodness the weather was nice. I now was hitting signs to Ottawa. I WAS SO CLOSE. I haven’t seen my family since I left for whistler 9 months ago. 

I missed the cats. Always about the cats.

10 KM away from pembroke I had a flat tire, I just strolled in to a campground and stayed the night. 

 Saved this turtle 

Saved this turtle 

Day 53 / Pembroke - Renfrew, 60 KM 

Woke up very early and hit the bike shop. The bike shop basically through something on my bike for me to make it to Ottawa. After all this I called my mom. I got to see my mom before she left for work for the weekend and I avoided biking through Ottawa which I really wasn’t keen on doing.

Day 54 - 61 / In the 613

Sleeping in my bed with my needy cats - guilty pleasure. Almost the same feeling as someone making me coffee in the morning. It was really nice to be home for a bit and enjoy my families company. I didn’t see many friends since I found things too hard to see them and then just leave again. 

I got to be spoiled by my godparents making me amazing meals and hangout with my sister Laura. Got to have a very small taste of things to look forward too when I am back home.

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