Week SEVEN - Heading towards the 613


Three things that starts off the day great....


Nice weather

Some feeling in your legs

You have a tail wind


... You got all these and your day is GOLD

I meet this keener biker in The Soo, he was telling me about this bike article that the guys joke about at the bike shop. "How to date a biker"


"Babe where were you all day? ... I was biking." 

Before this trip if someone told me they biked 13 hours straight I would just laugh. I now understand. 

Day 44 / Wawa -  Montreal Harbour, 125 KM

    Wawa was a pretty amazing time! I was originally planning on being in this town for Canada Day but obviously didn’t make it. 

        I first arrived at the information centre where the girls who worked there informed me that it would be ok to sleep on the propriety - I love finding a free place to set up camp. It was raining out so I was just hanging inside; I then became friends with them and ended up heading to there house for the night. Pretty successful evening. 

Biking to Montreal Harbour had it’s challenges - the last of the northern hills. I may have pushed my bike up the last two hills - I'll admit the hills in Northern Ontario got me good.

Day 45 / Montreal Harbour - Sault St Marie , 105 KM

Yeah… I woke up pretty sore. After a big day like I had, I was starving waking up (big surprise). I got to The Soo ( Sault St Marie) pretty late since I was quite tired.

I headed straight to the bike shop which to my surprise was AMAZING. I mean you stroll up looking ravishing and get handed a beer. Then the owner showed me where I can shower, set up camp, wifi password and where to get food. Seriously heavenly.

Day 46 / Sault St Marie, Rest day

I was in a bike touring oasis. The bike shop Velorelution was like a hub for bike tourers. I got to rest and stroll over Caribou for a Spa Day. Being there for less then 24 hours and meeting such incredible people.

One of my favourite memories of this trip was meeting this lovely couple who have been bike touring for 12 year - both are 64 years old. No one should ever say they are too old! Such legends and my absolute goals in life. 


Day 47 / Sault St Marie - Thessalon, 90 KM

Rested and ready to fly! 

Waking up that morning, I was warned about a storm that was going to pass through in the evening. I never know where I end up...  I biked pretty fast to Thessalon where I browsed around in the shops and went for a coffee. While I was sitting down in the coffee shop, black clouds rolled in. They looked aggressive. The cafe went out of power and the thunderstorm hit. 

I didn’t get wet! The lovely worker Kim at the cafe took me in for the night and fed me. Could anyone ask for a better ending to this day? 


Day 48 / Thessalon - Espanola, 160 KM

Just myself and my bike - long day of ridding but oh so very rewarding. After 8 hours of ridding I roll up to this small diner in Espanola where the Owner was intrigued with my story. She asked where I was sleeping and I replied “ I was just going to camp somewhere”, she informed me that there are no campsites in this town. She then makes this call to camp where I got to stay for the night. Just your normal luxurious cottage to myself for the night. How amazing is that? 

There’s seriously nothing more rewarding then a shower and a bed at the end of the night. 


Day 49 / Española - Sudbury, 93 KM

Spent the full morning on the balcony with my coffee. Packed up three times slower and hit the road at 1 PM for Sudbury. Thank goodness it was pretty flat. I arrived pretty late in Sudbury and checked out this very cool cafe (the top rated one in Sudbury), the barista was pretty awesome to chat too. I then biked out of town and pitch my tent at the information centre. Around 9 PM I got asked to leave. I’ve camped at multiple information centres and never had any problems. Unfortunately I had to pack up all my stuff at 9 PM and find somewhere else to set up camp. Everything ended up fine, just pretty discouraging. 


Day 50 / Sudbury - North Bay, 130 KM

I love North Bay. Very long day of ridding but saying this I stopped every chance I got. In North Bay I got a motel room for the night right downtown so I could wake up and stroll around town. I had this amazing indian food and fell asleep around 8:30 PM.

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