WEEK NINE - Le Quebec


Whats with all these beautiful bike paths in Quebec?! I found out that there are 5000km worth of bike paths in Quebec. How impressive is that? 

I’ve really enjoyed the diversity of the different roads and paths taken but serious props to Quebec for focusing on something that bring people out of there house easily. The amount of people I’ve met outside and enjoying the trails is unbelievable. 



Day 62 / Ottawa - Hudson, 125 KM

Mentally a very difficult day to hop back on my bike but after a couple hours I found a smile. Arrived at one of my mom’s old friends, Ann Michele's family was so lovely! I look forward to seeing them again soon! 


Day 63 / Hudson - Hemmingford , 125 KM

I enjoyed a beautiful day leaving Hudson biking with Ann- Michele. What a pleasure to bike with such an athlete and a local. 

On one of the bike trails I was chatting to other bikers and possibly got distracted and missed an exit. Shocking I know… Longer day then expected but its such amazing feeling when you know you have a bed/shower at the other end. I got to stay with my mom’s uncle and aunt. I haven’t visited them in awhile so it was nice to catch up!


Day 64 / Hemmingford - Granby, 98 KM

My aunt Alain and her friend biked with me on the bike trail towards St-Jean Richelieu. 

I even got the chance to stop at another aunts house for lunch. If only the entire trip was this easy and straight forward. 

My beautiful mom picked me up in Granby to head to the cottage for a couple days in Coaticook. 


Day 65 / Coaticook

It rained all day at the cottage so what better thing to do but watch chick flicks all day and rest with my lovely aunt Suzanne. Not to mention eating a whole tub of Coaticook ice cream - the best ice cream.

Day 66/ Coaticook

Family Reunion. We all had a beautiful lunch together 


Day 67/ Grandy - Roxton Falls, 44 KM

I got dropped off by my mom and had lunch with her before she heading back home in Ottawa and I continued my journey of the last 1200 km.

It’s never easy to say goodbye, with the numerous times I’ve left somewhere I always find it incredibly hard to say goodbye. It really doesn't get easier. Especially on this trip rolling away somewhere new everyday. It’s the reason why I don’t spend more then a couple days somewhere - it’s way to hard to hop back on the saddle again.  

YES. My bum still hurts after nine weeks.


Day 68/ Roxton Falls - Victoriaville, 125KM

Woke up to some glorious rain. Awesome. It rained lightly most of the day until I got to Victoriaville. Beautiful bike path to get there. I stayed with a warm shower hosts in her apartment. She is a bee keeper and spent sometime in New Zealand, we had tons in common! I hope our paths will cross again.  


Day 69 / Victoriaville - Quebec , 130 KM

Long day in the heat. For those who don’t know, I don’t particularly do well in strong heat. I kinda get grumpy, dehydrated and possibly miserable to talk to. Also me in the morning without coffee in my system. Still not too sure how I survived my time in the Polynesians islands.

I biked to the Quebec bridge where a friend of a friend, of a friend's boyfriend came to met me. Those beautiful connections! I rode with him thought old quebec and to his house the other end of town. I was already blown away of how unique Old Quebec was. 

Day 70 / Quebec

Just amazed by my surroundings. I loved walking around old Quebec, exploring every boutique, every coffee shop and overall the city.  

Walking up and down those hills is definitely a workout - using different muscles, what's with that?


Day 71 / Quebec

I woke up and packed my things to head to another house. I said goodbye to my lovely hosts who fed me and drove me around. Forever grateful for people going out of there way to make me feel welcome. 

I biked to family members of the couple I started with in Victoria. I met this family (The Tousignants) a couple years ago before I left for my first adventure overseas. Stephanie is around my age and she works this summer at the Citadelle where I got a VIP tour. We became instant friends and I cant wait for her to come visit in Whistler.