WEEK TEN - On route to the Maritimes!

Day 72 / Quebec - L’isle, 100 KM

I woke up to Steph making amazing crepes. Loving Quebec for crepes and real maple syrup! Steph and I slowly got ready to ride together to bike on the other side of the bridge to have lunch in Old Levi. 

After a delicious lunch I said my goodbyes and rode off. I got this beautiful campground and watched the sunset - went to bed at my usual 8:30pm. I basically just wait till it gets dark - I get way too excited for bed. Not to mention I really do love my tent. 


I don’t have much but the things that I do have on this trip are the things that a treasure.

"I've learned that MINIMALISM is not what you own, it's why you own it"


Day 73 / L’ isle - Riviere du Loup, 115 KM

This was one of my top rides. I couldn't believe the scenery! I was ridding right beside the Bay and kept ridding through these beautiful little towns. I couldn't stop smiling! I also rode with some other bikers that where out ridding for the day.

I stayed at the campground just outside of Riviere du loup.




Day 74 / Riviera du loup - Cabano, 76 KM

The heat got me good. I followed a bike path that goes from Riviere du Loup all the way to Edmundston, such a lovely ride. No traffic! I decided after sitting down for a coffee that I was going to stop there and head to the campground for the night.


Day 75 / Cabono - Riviere Verte NB, 80 KM

Weirdest thing happened this day- I was biking and decided to take a break around 4 pm (changed timezones again). I hoped off my bike and sat at this table under a shelter, all of sudden the loudest thunderstorm I’ve experience rolled through. I stayed completely dry! WINNING. I just pitched my tent there for the night.


Day 76/ Riviere Verte - River country campground, 110 KM

New Brunswick is not direction easy. I met three other cross country riders and we all got lost. Incredibly frustrating with a head wind and doing more KM’s then necessary. Frustrating. When I got to my campsite I was setting up camp and all of sudden this lovely couple offered their cottage for the night since they weren't staying there!

Home cooked meal with a bed - SOLD.


Day 77 / River country Campground - Fredricton, 150 KM

This day was one of my hardest day on the road. I survived. I wasn’t particularly a happy camper biking the steep hills, had awful head wind and spent way too long on the bike. I do need to be thankful that it wasn't raining and the sun wasn't too hot. 

I took this backcountry road (585) towards Fredricton which google maps did suggest but I highly don't recommend this route to my fellow bikers! No service, hardly anywhere for water and step hills. I followed Barb - clearly wasn't her fault but I will never let her down for it. I'll never forget this day I can tell you that much!


Day 78/ Rest day in Fredricton

Woke up somewhat intending to ride even if my motivation was low and being a bit stiff from the previous day. Then it started raining... Rest day it was! 

I was pretty lucky and thankful for having a place to crash in Fredricton. My neighbour back in Ottawa's parents who where incredibly welcoming. I had a fabulous time enjoying their company! 

I had lunch with Barb (another lady biking across Canada) and her family. Comparing our rides and sharing our different experiences - all relating to the same highs and the lows. She has her wonderful road angel (her husband) following her and setting up camp at the end of the day which is a blessing. I gotta get me a roady! She really did bring up my spirits by relating to so much. I am really going to miss this sense of freedom everyday and constantly meeting such incredible people!  


Barb & her family


TOTAL KM : 5, 787

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