End of the Road


          It took me awhile to sit down and write this blog post - writing it was admitting that the journey has ended. 

I can not believe I Biked Across The Country

What was I thinking?  Yes- I still think this was a crazy idea

but obviously a good one.



Here it is;  a couple weeks after I finished biking.

My life the past couple weeks have been extremely difficult. It seems to me that during the trip I just bottled up all the emotions I had. Everyday I had this adrenaline to wake up and bike, meeting new people, embracing the unknown and pushing my limits. I walked into strangers houses, unknown roads, slept on the side of the road, hygiene was questionable, etc. 

I am processing every moment, every memory, every struggle, every high/low and every emotion that was felt. It’s not like I woke up every day and thought to myself "wow I am so excited to bike"  its quite the contrary. Pushing physically and emotionally is exhausting.

This trip broke me in a million pieces and then put back together stronger then ever.

It was a trip of a lifetime. My expectation of this trip was nothing I could imagine.


I had this idea of travelling my own country. To experience travelling in a different way.

I had no idea what I was actually signing up to do. Did not process - I just bought a bike with little to no research on bike touring.


The end of my trip was bittersweet. Yes I was tired of feeling alone, of fighting to bike those kilometres but I couldn't stop thinking of how proud I am of myself.

I fell in love.

I fell in love with the feeling of freedom. Of that purpose of moving forward everyday and embracing all the experiences.

I miss it and can’t wait for the open road again.


6,200 Kilometres (not including the distance I got lost or went off course) 

Over 6,000$ Fundraised

Eight Provinces

Eighty Two days on the road

Pacific - Atlantic 

Nineteen days off bike

One grizzly bear scare

Three nights in a hammock 

Nine jars of Peanut butter

One close call of quitting

Four melt downs crying

One close road kill

One bus

Two ferry boats

One ride hungover

One fat bike experience

Forty gigs of data on my phone used

Seven flat tires

Four new tires

Two new bike chains 

Countless new friends

Thank you to you guys - the people who have followed this journey, supported me, supported my cause and thought of me. Those thought & positive vibes came to help.


THE most incredibly part of this entire trip was witnessing the kindness of people. You would not believe the amount of people who would pull over simply to chat, give me water, donate, etc. The families who took me in, fed me, let me set up camp and share their lives with me. Thank you. I had nothing to offer during this journey but know that I am paying it forward as much as I can. 

To three special people who where a bigt part of my journey; the three people who I was on the phone with everyday venting, crying, sharing this experience with. No words can describe how much my mom, Kara and my boyfriend Tyler mean to me. My mom who is always a fan of any adventure I embark on. Yes my mom, my best friend did survived as a parent... obviously a brave soul who says "it's also an adventure for me to be part of her daily life through the phone".
To miss Kara who jumped into this adventure not fully knowing what she was getting herself into, her patience and gut feeling is truly amazing. She is a family friend who decided to join me and help me fundraise money with the help of her husband and his company at Cyan Solutions. Kara has entered my life and I am blessed that she is now part of it. Such an amazing soul who is kind and loving. Welcome to the crazy side! 
To my boyfriend who I've been doing long distance with for five month, I biked across the country while he was in New Zealand ski patrolling for the season. I am extremely grateful to have him by my side. Pretty excited to see what our next adventure will be since I kinda missed you during this one. 


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