WE is a movement that brings people together, and gives

them the tools to make a difference.

"Together WE change the world"



The money raised will be used to provide scholarships for self-identified indigenous youths to attend Take Action Camp; providing them with the opportunity to gain leadership skills and inspiration to return home and take action on an issues they are passionate about.

Why did I chose We and Action camp?

I love youth empowerment! Love it. The chain of positive energy that it creates is beautiful to observe. The moment when someone is motivated to make a difference - that is such a beautiful moment. I choose Action Camp since summer camps have a place in my heart. I love that a different environment like summer camps can change people’s perspective on life. Summer camp has changed my life and many others around me.

Encouraging youth to come to camp for a week to learn everything it has to offer; leadership skills, team building, motivation, etc. Followed by returning in their community motivated to make a difference about something that they are passionate about - It’s just music to my ears!

Watch this amazing video on action camp

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