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The Next Generation For Travel

Over the past couple years of meeting travellers and improving my Google skills, I have come up with some “GO TO” websites that are basically my life. Most of these are very common but I do have some unique ones.



A network of travellers that offer free accommodation- you sleep on their couch. It’s fantastic. Meeting the locals is a fantastic way to travel.  Some of my best memories are meeting these fascinating and generous people. 

Of course, I am always very of careful who I stay with. I do this by reading reviews help and doing my research on the area they live in. I normally always stick with females around my age. 

Interesting fact, if you don’t like the idea of the surfing couch thing, you can still join to meet the locals. Couchsurfing is a networks for travellers. You can join events that are held in the city, meet up with other travellers or ask locals for a tour, there so many options. 



Almost the same concept as couchsurfing but for bike touring.

Outdoor Gear lab

Some great advice on gear. It can give you a bit of a better idea on what you're looking for in equipment.


Renting accommodations, you can find some beautiful and unique places.


You can apply to watch a house overseas. This is a beautiful option if you'd like to stay somewhere for free for a longer period of time.

WorkAway\ Grassroots\ Worldpackers\ WWOOF

Fantastic websites listing places to stay in exchange for working a couple hours a day.



Source to help plan transportation from place to place everywhere.


Travel agents for World round tickets. These travel agents are legends on finding flights for more than one destination for a cheaper rate.


The most flexible search engine for flight searching. If you are flexible for dates, this is the website for you!

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