Tips on Minimalist Travel

Minimalist packing

Have you ever walked into your house or room and not want to deal with everything that's around you? Fact - we have a lot of stuff.

One of my favourite words is balance. Trying to find a balance between what you want and what you need. If you don't need it, don't bring it. Here are some tips on light weight packing.

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1. The Backpack

It all starts here. Forgetting what kind\brand of backpack you get, it's all about how many litres you choose. I suggest something no bigger then 50 litres for long term trips, especially if you plan to have camping gear. Smaller trips no more than 35-40 litres - if you're brave enough 20 litres! 


2. Day clothes\Night clothes

Camping tip 101 - day clothes and night clothes. It's great to have quick dry clothes for your adventurous activities during the day. Most of the time I wear Merino Wool stuff since it doesn't smell, dries fast and it cleans wonderfully. When I come back from my day's activities, I changed into more comfortable and simple clothes. You should have a rotation of clothes that are easy to wash and don't hold odor. 


3. Light gear

If traveling is something you are getting into, in the long run it's worth investing in light gear. Technology now is unreal. For example; rain jacket, backpack, camera, pots, stove, sleeping bag, etc. Investing in the right lightweight gear can make a tremendous difference.

If you're travelling internationally and don't want to lug around things like a tent and sleeping bag, some places have connections where you can rent gear for your trip. 


4. Cut your packing in half

When you start packing, don’t think too much; just pack what you want. I always tell my friends to pack everything they want to bring, then observe and visualize the struggle that they’ll have to carry it all. Think, observe, process and then take out half. 

It's pretty difficult but worth it! Reminder; most things you can buy overseas (like shampoo and conditioner) and depending where you are, it's cheaper that way.


5. Carry on is best

Be careful with budget airlines for the weight limit but if you can, do carry on. It's so much easier. It also means that when you're on the road, jumping on busses and trains your luggage should fit on your lap!

 What I brought to Iceland, 3.5 Kilos! Everything fit in my 20 litre Osprey backpack. 

What I brought to Iceland, 3.5 Kilos! Everything fit in my 20 litre Osprey backpack. 

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